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Why you should never use someone else USB cables
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Why you should never use someone else USB cables
Phones are a major part of our day-to-day life and we often find that the charge is low or even feel the need to transfer documents using USB cables. The use of USB cables is one of the most common shared accessories in society. But sharing a USB cable is considered a danger to personal data and our phones. Although charging the phone is an innocent act of self-preservation, the sharing of a charger may lead to the compromise of one's data.
One thing we need to realize is that when we utilize USB cables for charging, these same cables also transfer data in and out of our phones. The USB cables can transfer malware in and out of your phone as well as provide access to personal data.
Does this mean every single USB cable is waiting on compromising my data? The answer is both yes and no. Although the innocence of charging a phone is often considered the friendly majority of the effort placed on sharing is due to community living. some instances of sharing can be innocent. Unfortunately in this day and age hackers are utilizing such resources to gain information that can be used to steal from others. By hacking personal data, one may find their passwords compromised.
Therefore to protect oneself it would be important to practice three things.
1. Carry your charger to utilize when in need.
2. Ensure that you utilize power ports direct instead of USB plugs to ensure the safety of your gadget
3. Utilize a power bank as a recharge option.
Remember personal data collected from your phone can lead to hacking of personal emails exposing personal information. The digital world is a clear line between our personal and professional lives. Let's protect it as strongly as possible.
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