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Why Do People Stay In Relationships They Know Aren’t Working?
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Why Do People Stay In Relationships They Know Aren’t Working?
I know you know of someone in a relationship they know isn't working. Could it be you? Do you wonder why they do this and the benefits they think they are getting from the relationship? You are not alone.

This question has been bogging my mind lately.
According to research, 95% of people are in unhealthy relationships.

Unlike rocks which are inert, static, and still, relationships are more of water and always in a state of perpetual motion, not necessarily in a stage of tumult but certainly in constant flux.

One minute one can be so deep into someone, and the next minute they aren't sure what they feel or want with that relationship.

It can get to a point one or both parties are confused about whether what they are going through is just a rough path or the beginning of their doom together.

But even then, they keep clinching in hopes that it could only be a bitter phase that is about to end, and maybe just maybe if they were going to be patient just a little bit they will go back to the good old days only for them to keep on waiting and waiting and growing more bitter, more toxic and exceedingly dangerous towards one another. But even then, they don't break up.

Reasons people stay in a toxic relationship.

People stay in relationships they know are not working for many reasons. one of them is because "we are having a tough time now" and "this is not working" can look very similar while "this relationship is oppressive" and "the relationship is fine, but I am restless" can look very similar.

Another reason people stay is because of the Fear of being alone or the need for companionship.

Others may stay for financial reasons, because they are scared to be alone, or because they have children together.

At times couple may have been hoping things will change, but they usually don't.

People may stay in a relationship because they are afraid of being alone or don't believe they can do any better.

Others think their partner will hurt them or take their children away if they leave.

People may also stay in a relationship because they fear what their friends or family will say.

Some may also stay in a bad relationship because they fear the unknown. Whatever the reason, it's important to remember that you deserve to be happy, and you should not stay in a bad relationship just because you think you have to.


Love is a feeling, and feelings can be mercurial. It helps me ask myself — underneath that love, are we friends? Underneath that love, are we building something? In the future, we imagine, are we both there?

People unhappy in their relationships should take some time to think about why they are staying. They should ask themselves whether the relationship is good for them and whether it's worth trying to fix. If it's not, they should think about ending the relationship safely and healthily for everyone involved.

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