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What to know about morning breath
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What to know about morning breath
Have you ever opened your mouth and felt you needed to keep it shut. Many people face the problem of having a smelly mouth. It is often associated with a lack of hygiene, but this is not always true. Bad breath is referred to as morning breath. This is associated with the odor the majority face when waking up.
Unfortunately, some have to deal with morning breath more often than others. Therefore what causes morning breath
1# Medical conditions
Some cases of morning breath are caused by medical conditions such as diabetes and bacterial infections such as tonsillitis, sinusitis, and bronchitis. Other causes are tooth decay, cavities, and rotting teeth. Although some of these cases bad breath is a symptom of the disease, thus making it possible to follow up a gain treatment. But in some cases, people do not realize the case for long periods.
2# oral hygiene
Lack of oral hygiene is a common cause of morning breath. Proper brushing and removal of bacteria and food particles that cause bad breath. If a person does not regularly and effectively clean their teeth, they could also develop tooth cavities and gum disease.
The causes of bad breath also predict the solutions and are therefore treatable. To be able to improve breath one needs to pay attention to cleanliness and dental checks. These two factors can help assess the true cause of the bad breath.
Remember each experience is treatable and can be solved by just asking for help.
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