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What the tree tomato taught me
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What the tree tomato taught me
It's been a while since I thought of my childhood and how some of the characters I have came to be.

I used to have a small garden besides the house, it was home to a few plants; pinnaples, sugarcane, passion fruits and the tree tomato.

The tree tomato is the one who taught me the most. Every single day, I would wake up to water her since she was a baby and way into her mum life, I watched her babies go from green to red and as soon as I took the first tamarillo, I trusted her, I got faith in her, I stopped checking for reds and concentrated on taking care of her. From that day, I always found a lot of reds whenever I needed to have some.

The tree had proved to me she can be trusted to do her part, all I needed was to be patient and watch over her, I went ahead to put up a mini fence around her just to make sure no one bothered her.

She didn't live for long after I left for high school, I think she missed me and probably she was mad I left or maybe she understood me and died in peace. The truth is, in my memories, she lives and because of her, am a better person.

Soon I will be putting up another garden. I want her back.

Happy gardening if you do.
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