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The Rise of the Frenemies
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The Rise of the Frenemies
Be wary of people who disguise as friends, but deep down their heart they despise you with passion. Go beyond the veil of friendships and watch out how they exaggerate your weaknesses or mistakes.

Listen to what they say. They never compliment you. Instead they downplay your achievements. They talk like, " I can't stand a husband in my life, why buy such an expensive phone? , Is that vacation worth it "

Your life intimidates them. Your success dwarfs their puny achievements. These guys have no difference with a rival. You're someone they have to beat to feel valuable. Your success feels like their failure. Don't play their game. Let them have their way. Ignore them , be proud of your achievements.

Secret haters try to tear you down. Your success threatens them. Jealousy and insecurity go hand in hand. Since they can't face you they gossip you when you're not there to defend yourself. They can't insult you to your face because you make them powerless. They know what they're saying about you is pure lies. In their mind , tearing you down restores their image.

They think you looking bad, will make them look good. Be different. Display kindness, they'll feel guilty talking behind your back. Your life makes them feel small and inferior. Don't expect people who are frustrated by life to celebrate you. There are people who can't handle your success . The only way for you to satisfy them is, if you fail. They don't realize your failure, does not amount to their success.
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