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The Page 183
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The Page 183
At one point or another and if you like reading, you will end up having read more articles and books than the number of pages of the thickest book you have or will ever finish. While you can do the easy maths, this was not meant to push you there.

There are those books you read or movies you watch with that one page or scene you just can't get over. For the book, you fold it or put some sort of marker for easy frequenting. For the old movie tapes, you could actually tell which part of Titanic your mum had rewinded or paused most.

I recently read Quiet by Susan Cain, the page for me is 183, I can barely get over it. Here is part of it "...One study comparing eight- to ten-year-old children in Shanghai and southern Ontario, Canada, for example, found that shy and sensitive children are shunned by their peers in Canada but make sought-after playmates in China, where they are also more likely than other children to be considered for leadership roles..." .

It made me realize how different things can be depending on who you are and the culture you find yourself in. Since both of these cultures are successful, I would think all personalities are meant to be thriving humans irregardless of what the society expects.

Quiet: https://www.amazon.com/Quiet-Power-Introverts-World-Talking/dp/0307352153
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