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This man I know him for long, I do not want to lose respect for him. He has always been great, truly an icon of inspiration.
Let me share some of the inspiring words he told me once when we were enjoying moments together.
He held my hand leading me down to a nearby stream and definitely concluded to myself that it was going to be a long enjoyable conversation.

After a long moment of silence he cleared his throught and started talking 'wisdom'... how lucky could I be in my teen age to have a mentor.

"Life is long and still very short my son, its just like this river which originates from the highlands finding it way down to its destination. On the way, it has a lot of tributaries which in real life they are distractions which should not hinder a resolved heart from getting what it desires.
As it progresses it reaches a point where it gains a peaceful flow, it may even not be easily noticed just in preparation for a great future ahead.
Despite of a peaceful undistracted flow it starts making detours which makes the journey long, though it still progresses and finds it's way out, it takes a lot of time. Obstacles of success like big stones becomes the hindrances of its destiny, but as it gains momentum and strength, it overcomes the obstacles and manoeuvres through.
It may sometimes undergo dryness and stagnation but it always trust in its provider who never tire of adding more and more to ensure a successful destiny.
Towards its destination, it makes connection with others, becomes deeper and wider, grows stronger and conquers everything finally having a successful destination."

A moment of silence conquered the place for sometime as I was greatly meditating those words, and reflecting on my life trying to make a step by step follow up and matching its every day events with the course of a river.

Finally he asked me, " Do you believe in destiny?"
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