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The CBC journey
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The CBC journey
The competency-based curriculum has been under scrutiny this week with a lot of individuals claiming it's the inability to grow and implementation the system. As agree, all systems face challenges in development. This is one area where the cart moved before the horse. The curriculum is floored and has many questions left but it has also impacted learners differently.
As a parent of CBD, I have observed a difference in the thinking pattern. Children are asking questions about what they are learning. They are willing to sit and discuss an issue in groups to try and solve a situation rather than agree with what they are told. A major difference between the 8-4-4 is the ability of the learner to analyze how an answer was derived rather than memories the answer.
The CBC is based on the development of ability through practice rather than theory allowing learners to internalize what they do. It is clear that implementation I slower than expected but the learning process has a different outcome and will eventually catch up.
As we question the government, we need to give credit where it's due. The ability to train learners on their ability rather than establish performance-based outlines help all learners achieve an equalized learning pattern. I hope we can all accept to try new things and allow the system to grow rather than curtail its advancement.
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