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School selection
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School selection
In April we had post covid national exam. It was not easy to ensure that learners comfortably went through the national exams. The national exams were a necessary step for the continuity of the academic year. The national exams were a controversial issue with many parents worried that learners did not have enough learning caught up after six months off school. But one major thing we were all wrong about is the learners were ready. Although academically they were disadvantaged these children had prepared and ready to move to the next level. Learners had been busy getting ready for exams for 7years and in their final year the pandemic took over. After all these learners had to deal with receiving results.
Having results out has not been easy mostly due to the disorganized year. Most parents and learners have not had an easy time addressing the different challenges. The year has been economically and socially challenging as a result many underperformed and are unaware of the future. Being able to achieve 100% when the system only performed at less than 100% made many fail to achieve specific goals. Now the next step is the selection. Students have finally been provided with the schools that take them to the next level. Although this stage is a stage all learners need to go through it's not often taken positively. Some families feel they were given the short end other stick while others feel the system is fair.
The selection process over the years has been faulted as unfair choices between private and public schools. Yes, things don't always work out fairly but God always has better plans than man. As we go through the selection process every parent needs to realize that how we react about the selection influences our children's behavior and attitude. Parents should consider the options given and find an amicable solution without influencing their children's opinions.
Life is often unsatisfying, thus when we show children that we can demand fairness in a process that has no personal involvement it shows that we cannot appreciate systems. Although children need to know they can fight for their rights some situations need better navigation. Remember Jesus said, give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God.I pray that all families find a favorable solution to the selection process and have a blessed year head as we begin the new academic year.
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