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Product Development The 4D Way
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Product Development The 4D Way
Product development is the process of bringing a new product to market, renewing an existing product or introducing a product to a new market. Among many ways of doing this, there is the 4D framework that beaks up the process into four steps. Below are the steps;

# Discovery

In this first step, the involved team focuses on the problem and or the opportunity. The objectives being to determine whether what is being reviewed is a real customer problem and if solving that will bring positive impact to the business and the target market.

# Design

This involves devising a solution to meet the opportunity identified or to solve the problem highlighted. The activities here are brainstorming, prototyping and static testing among others.

# Delivery

After the design, the development team develops the solution. This includes implementing story points and marking them as done depending on the defined acceptance criteria.

# Deduction

This is measuring whether the product delivered met or is meeting the objectives laid down for it, it could be as simple as ticking a predetermined checklist.

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