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Importance of Knowing Your Blood Group
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Importance of Knowing Your Blood Group
A blood group is classification of blood biased I. The presence and absence of antibodies and inherited antogentic material on the red blood cells. Blood groups exist as divisions of A B and I blood types. This are developed for parents blood types making a child have either fathers or mothers blood type. This therefore creates a link between the parent and child. Therefore why is it important to know your blood group. In this article we will discuss 3 major reasons why it imports t to know your blood group.

1. To protect life
Knowledge of a blood group can help provide fast and immediate help to an accident victim. I case of an accident many individuals lack of their blood group slowing down the process of treatment. The knowledge can help access prompt treatment.

2. To plan a healthy pregnancy
During pregnancy one of the main questions that arise is the the rhesus group which the parent hold. The knowledge of blood group during the pregnancy can help predict conditions that can affect a pregnancy. One of the major concerns is the rhesus negative blood between the child and mother. The rhesus negative and positive between father and mother can cause rejection of the fetus as the the body may note it as an impurity rather than a pregnancy.

3. To be able to help others
Blood donation is a medical activity that take place world wide.

The collection of blood and storage is utilize to help support individuals in need. Therefore to be able to help people during a blood shortage. In some cases family members are requested to provide blood in preparation for treatment of their loved one. Although it does not mean the blood donated is only utilized to specific person the availability of the blood can help ensure adequate supply of blood for others. It would therefore be of benefit to know the blood group you belonging to so as to provide effective support when called upon.

Note blood donation runs take place in hospital and red cross centres. Please donate what you can to help those in need.
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