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Humility is the key to progress
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Humility is the key to progress
The day I entered in a mortuary, what I saw was undescribable. First there was a written word at the entrance (WE WERE ONCE LIKE YOU). Another one was written; "YOU CAN JOIN US ANYTIME".

I froze the more seeing human beings laid down on bare floor and stark naked.

When we pushed the body inside, the attendant removed all the clothes on his body and my leader was stark naked and he was placed on a wood. I looked at him , he could not protest, he could not use his hands to cover his nakedness and I asked myself,

- What is this life all about?

- Why are you struggling to possess everything for yourself?

- Why are we having pride and ego as if we own the world?

- Why can't we forgive one another and live peacefully?

Sadly, house owners, degree holders, car owners, position holders etc. They/we will all end up in the grave

Life is nothing, position is for a while, riches and wealth is temporary. Beauty is passing away. I don't know when am leaving this world but I have an idea of what will happen to me when am no more.

I want to be better than yesterday , I want to be more humble , I want to be more forgiving and I want to be more humane than before because I have seen that life is nothing and death is certain and it is a leveller of status in life
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