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How to overcome the fear of losing money and start investing.
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How to overcome the fear of losing money and start investing.
Have you been struggling with the uncertainty of what it can become of you if you tried to invest your money without the feeling or fear of losing a part or the whole amount?
Now here are some of ways to overcoming that fear.

It is not until you try, that you get to see the real world and the reality behind success other than the myths behind failure.

Karl Menninger an American physician and a psychiatrist said, "Fears are educated into us, if we wish, be educated out". This implies that if you have to succeed then you have to listen and create a space for correction.

If you had a chance to talk with the great investors in both Kenya and overseas, then you know how it means with trying. Trying is not an assurance of success but an intrepidity of a better tomorrow.

Get your money working for you, let it work and gather more wealth on your behalf as you monitor its progress other than just overworking your mind and body trying to join the dots of how you will curb all routes of conmen. To be successful you must be conscious that there is losing for one to gain.

Another wise man a British logician, essayist and a social critic said, "fear is the main source of superstition, and one main source of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom".

Finally as I conclude, let's overcome fear together, get our "sleeping" money out of those banks and invest, set up big businesses out there and allow what we already have to give us much more.

Let us now get into working, invest and walk holding our heads high all out of inevitable richness.
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