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How To Grey Tick Noise
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How To Grey Tick Noise
If you live in a city like Nairobi you may have wondered where and when to find silence at least for 24 hours.

This is the kind of journey you may have to take.

First is the scheduling, you have to plan around your job and take up some leave days. As soon as you do, you start experiencing some sort of silence.

Fast forward to the travel day, everything starts fading away, the hooting, the sounds of accelerating Subarus and planes. It's not long before you arrive into some camp where the sound of wind rules and silence starts to kick in.

Your gadgets are off yet if are a social media zombie, there is some noise in your brain about what is going on online, for some reason you are able to ignore that too.

The expectation is in the middle of the night there will be no noise at all so you stay up and listen but then there are all kinds of sounds from laughing hyenas to singing crickets and the sort. You realize there will always be a sound going on so you decide to block out the outer noise only to realize there are other conversations happening in your brain about the things you have been letting in.

In the morning, you pack and leave, you learnt silence was never to be found where or when but within. You finally figured out how to keep the noise away.
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