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How To Be Successful. 
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How To Be Successful. 
Last week, I had a virtual interview, and one question stuck with me: "How do you define success, and what do you hope to accomplish in the next five years?"

Don't worry. I am aware that you, along with many others  have memorized all the correct responses to this frequently asked interview question without giving it much thought. As a result, this article will discuss what success is and how to achieve it.

What is success?

Honestly, your idea of success may differ greatly from someone else's since it's defined differently by each of us.

To define your success, you first have to imagine and visualize where you would love to be in the next five years. Are you dreaming of financial freedom? Do you want to tour the world and visit places ? Or maybe you want to make a name? Guess what? Anything is achievable if you put your mind into it.

But first, stop dreaming and put your thoughts into action. You need to master the art of being successful.

How to Become Successful:

1.Think Big.
2. Set more specific goals
3. Expand your knowledge
4. Reflect on every mile you make
5. Ignore social conventions. 
6. At all costs, avoid procrastination.
7.Watch your tongue and avoid being negative. Whatever you declare happens. 
8.Look for mentors. 
9. Strive for excellence.
10. Be prayerful.
11.Believe in yourself and avoid naysayers.
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