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How is inflation impacting you?
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How is inflation impacting you?
A road trip, a vacation, or any type of getaway is what we need right now. Away from the reality of life getting harder every day.

Maybe to take a break from all these hardships, but where can we go and life everywhere is hard? Maybe we can try to adapt because as much as we continue complaining, nothing is really happening. All that is coming are other forms of hardships.

When I first heard about inflation, I didn't understand what they meant, but when I got to understand what a blow it is to the economy of our country I regretted knowing such a thing was happening.

I may not be so sure but to some extent I know this has affected a good number of citizens, specifically the low class, middle class and those living in marginalised areas.

Cost of living is getting higher day in day out making it hard for some families to satisfy themselves in such a climate of hopelessness. These are no longer the times where our mothers would go to the supermarket with a thousand note and come out with a sack full of goodies. Right now all it can get for you is a small bag with colgate, two tissue papers, bar soap and if you think of adding a packet of unga, maybe you take back the colgate over the shelves and improvise other ways of dental health.

Days off from work have become full of loneliness and staying indoors all day long. Thinking of taking a trip or your family for a vacation, it remain to be chaotic between one and his pocket as fueling is the last thing one want to do right now. If possible just use the stressful matatus during work days and the rest keep off. But what about that less fortunate citizen who cannot afford the hiking fares of these matatus every morning and evening whereas the wages does not correspond with that in any way?

It's time we work tirelessly each with an aim of improving his life and that of his family other than focusing on the wickedness of the leaders we line up to vote after every five years hoping for a change. Little did we know, so unfortunately its a change to worse, that is only going to leave behind a lot of depressed people, drunkards, drug users and numerous graves full of unrealized dreams.
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