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Harmful Things Narcissist Men Impose On Women
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Harmful Things Narcissist Men Impose On Women
The common thing with narcissists is that they do not feel good about themselves, even when they pretend to be the most confident person there is. The only thing they do to feel better is devalue you to their level. They know they will not be able to control the independent and strong woman that you are so all they do is feed your insecurities and do everything in their power so that you are reduced to the strict minimum of what they want you to be.

# They fill your mind with what they want in order to control you.

When a narcissist confuses you, he makes you doubt your sanity and he tries to convince you that you are crazy, when it is actually the opposite. This man will make you doubt your own words and your own gestures. He will lie to you, manipulate you and try to convince you of something that is not true, just so that you end up as the villain in the story. It will distort everything that goes on between you until it completely enters your head and you start to believe everything it says.

# Makes you cut off all your close friends

If you have encountered one, you can back me on this. The first thing a narcissist does is make sure you are not close or have no friends anymore. They want you to be close with the only people who feel right to them, this is because they want you to believe in them and don’t consult anything to do with them from anyone.

# They make you feel guilty about everything.

Narcissists do not have a sense of responsibility. And even when they know they are guilty, they will never admit it to anyone, let alone their victim. Each narcissist has their own way of making excuses and justifying their toxic behavior. But it doesn’t stop there, also wants to persuade you that it is you who is responsible for everything that is wrong with your relationship. You will apologize for things you didn’t do, feel burdened every time because of their selfishness and recklessness.

# Change everything about you.

After spending years with someone like that, you find it hard to recognize yourself because they erase all traces of the person you were before them. You are introduced to new routines you never even dreamt about. Everything revolves around them.
After they are done doing that, there comes a new phase of breaking your fragile heart. They crush you completely and break your mind by any means possible still making you feel like it's your mistake. But believe me, when you survive that caged bondage, you become a strong unstoppable monster holding the ruling crown all by yourself.
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