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Elevator Pitch or Speech
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Elevator Pitch or Speech
If you are already a working persona, I am certain that you are familiar with what an elevator pitch is. If not yet this article is for you.

An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech or synopsis that you use to sell out your skills out. This may be used by people looking for jobs, organizations to investors, or even students. In simple terms, it is a precise way of showing your expertise and skills effectively to people who do not know you.

Elevator speech can help you in different ways eg.
# Land a job.
# Build your network.
# Connect with co-workers easily.
# Build confidence when introducing yourself.

What are the dos and dont’s when preparing your pitch?

Here are the dos.

# Start with your names and what you do.
# Keep it as brief as possible and direct to the point.
# Mention your goals.
# focus on what you are passionate about.
# How the position you are looking for is aligning with your goal.
# Be positive and persuasive.

The Dont’s:
# Avoid stammering.
# Don’t be too fast when speaking.
# Do not show like you are not sure of whatever you are speaking about.

This is a simple example of an elevator pitch.

Hello, my name is Muthama Ben, I am a graphic designer at feiraville. My passion is coming up with compelling designs that satisfy clients’ needs. I swiftly work with tools like adobe illustrator, gimp, photoshop, InDesign, and many others. Here are some of my accomplished projects, what type of candidate are you looking for?
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