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Avarice and Greed.
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Avarice and Greed.
Surely a beautiful woman with no brains, her private parts suffer the most. I never knew this would hit hard until now.

Everyone is aware of the story running through social media about the Dubai porta-potty story. It is disgusting and traumatizing to see what young women are willing to do to get some dollars. Being desperate to do all the nasty things one can think of just to live some fancy life.

What could be the root of all these behaviors?

The type of desperations women bring to themselves is one of the major issues. One they are focused on proving themselves to their friends and want to feed their ego. Which is bringing about these intrusive thoughts and behaviors.

How far are women willing to go in order to prove something which does not even make sense? You look around social media and see some influencers living a life you do not even know whether is real or lies and pap! you are in for anything to have it as well. Yes, some have earned it through their clean hard work but what about you allowing some men and dogs to defecate in your mouth.

People argue that this is happening in Dubai but I diverge from that, this is happening in almost every country. The big point being only black women are getting involved. Nairobi is one of the potholes full of these dirty things happening day and night but never exposed because they involve the big fish in the town. As parents, husbands, and boyfriends are you aware of what your women are doing once they live that door and claim to be working for high-paying jobs?

Only if we women would sit down and comprehend what they are worth before engaging in some acts which will lead to a life full of regrets and despair, it would be a great win for you all.

The truth is that there is a difference between the beauty of working your ass out and getting some legit cash and living a beautiful life and turning yourself into a porta-potty where everyone can empty their bins.
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