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Youth Life
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Youth Life
It's the best but it has a limit.
When one reaches his teen age, that is when everyone knows there is more to life than to just hang around at home with parents. Every young person at this age want to explore, to move from place to place in search of happiness.
Fortunately or unfortunately one meets with friends, some good, some caring and loving but there is this largest part of them of pretenders.
When things turn out bad and unfavourable everyone turns his or her back against you, that is when you remember you had your own people in the village, you start remembering your old folks back home who you neglected as trash. I thank the nature for having its law of compensation. This equalise everything and makes everything turn out to be a lesson, not just a lesson but a big lesson to many, it makes you have a pause in life and start reflecting back on how many and how much you have lost.

During this teen and youth ages, the ID starts working vigorously in everything you see or think, out of pleasure it want to be satisfied. The EGO is always there showing you a nice and safe place to undertake whatever you wishes to do. It gives you every reason to do or to satisfy the id's urge.
And then there is this SUPER EGO that always works on morality principle, it tries to bring about self reproach and do things right contrary to the id, but most people ignore this and follows the id.

Finally, as time goes, one of the greatest psychologists Sigmund Freud said about this stage of 45 years and above. The stage of Ego integrity verses despair, this is when one reflects back to see things he/she has done. Unfortunately in this generation, many turn out to regret about their earlier stages when they did not care to know that youth life has a limit.
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