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Why You Should Write A Will.
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Why You Should Write A Will.
It's sad how we assume doing essential things like writing a will till it's already late. The primary reason that brought us to this menace is our ethnicity. African culture depicts owning or writing a Will as a taboo, and according to our African culture bible, it is one of the deadly sins one can commit.

But what happens now that times have changed and we no longer survive or depend on ancestral lands or eat wild fruits, and we have to sweat our butt off, breaking our bones to earn a living?

Is it fair for our hard-earned cash to get lost or end up in the wrong hands, all in the name of following some roots that are showing signs of drying off?

We are no longer hunters and gathers. I know you won't mind passing the carcass of your hunted hippo to any stranger. Imagine leaving your estate to a stranger all because you failed to document your assets or because your kids don't know that investment exists.

In a world where everyone is on their toes, do you want to subject them to back-to-back pains all because of your ignorance in something you could have solved in less than 5 minutes?

Main Reasons Africans Don't Write A Will.

It is taboo to write a will.
The livings decide how to share the left assets
The children are orally told what to do.
1st born sons automatically inherit the assets
Africans believe their assets will be distributed according to the wishes of God.

Here is why a will is helpful:

A will helps solve confusion caused by the uncertainty of the existed wealth left behind.
Will give one power to choose their heir or how their assets will be distributed.
It will ensure your wealth is not lost or ends up in the wrong hands.


There is no doubt preparing a will is an essential step towards securing your assets, and there is no strong reason why an African should not write a will. Make a wise choice today and save your family the trauma.
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