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Why are vitamin and nutritional deficiencies more common in geriatrics
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Why are vitamin and nutritional deficiencies more common in geriatrics
Old age is a great deal, it comes with its respect, wisdom but at the same time you must be ready to suffer neglect.
Let's study some gerontology, a branch of science that deals with aging and problems associated.

Old people suffer a lot of problems that are either physical, psychological, social, economical or even emotional.
Family members tend to act arrogantly on their duties of care towards these old folks.

Due to lack of proper feeding they suffer from vitamin and other nutritional deficiencies. This is because most of them do not experience hunger due to poor taste perception and slowed activity. On the other hand, nutrients are slowly absorbed and since most of them live alone, they do not cook.

Old age is accompanied by infirmities, diseases and other physical complications. Some of these conditions and their treatments affects the gastrointestinal(GIT) systems reducing their will to eat and appetite.

Some are admitted in hospitals for long stay, and as time progresses and the conditions deteriorate they end up being fed enterally, that is, with nasal gastric tubes, gastrotomy tubes or even parenteral feeds in severe cases whose GIT system has failed. These modifications of feeding at times or at all times they don't fully meet the nutritional needs of these geriatrics.

Lack of social support and the general view of old people as useless and a stressing factor on the community is another precipitating factor. Many old people live alone at home since their children are already grown up and left home. Therefore left with no one to take care of them. To the community members they are forgotten. Due to all these stress and lack of food, they suffer different nutritional and vitamin deficiencies.
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