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What if Day and Night Became Places
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What if Day and Night Became Places
Thirty minutes, theoretically the time it would take you to complete a run around a football field while rotating yourself counterclockwise, that is if you can actually complete it before dizziness takes you down. It sounds very stupid of a task to try yet that is exactly what the earth does around the sun in about 365 days, a whooping 940 million kilometres distance as per scientists, the how we have nights, days, seasons and so much other life supporting known and unknowns.

Well, there are many things you can do with your 30 minutes than attempt the stupor run. Just imagine If the earth was to stop the rotation and revolution, just how long will the night side last before all the plants start to die and humans to begin choking in their own carbon dioxide. As for the day side, just how long will the sun burn till whatever has life starts to sweat it out.

Maybe, just maybe somewhere between the night and day, dark and light, life will find home and perhaps humans will have a new culture, the culture of taking a ride into the night and walking into the day whenever they feel like it. Either way, they will be forced to keep moving around to strike a life balance. Einstein said "Once you stop learning you start dying", if he was still around, we would ask him about "Once you stop moving you start dying".

Whatever good revolution or rotating you are in, do not stop moving, keep living, the cells in your body might find it awkward but they might not live beyond a week without it.

Happy living!
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