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Ways on how to reduce breast cancer risk
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Ways on how to reduce breast cancer risk
After pursuing my higher diploma in gynaecology and obstetrics, I found it good to go study more about cancer. I decided to specialize my nursing diploma in oncology. Which was a better decision to me and the community at large as in few years of experience I had came close many cases of cancer which some of the cases raised eyebrows.

I had been asked about the predisposing factors, precipitating factors and also some of the perpetuating factors that lead to increased cases of cancer among both young girls and older women.

With my little knowledge and the little I had been taught, and much of which I had learnt from articles I could not hesitate to help them out.

One month to my licenser exam, I had an assessment which I was to discuss some ways in which we can reduce breast cancer risks. Fortunately I knew upon giving the risks in details no one can miss ways on how to reduce the risks.

Some of these ways are:
•Reduction in alcohol intake.
•Avoid some forms of hormonal replacement therapy in menopause that raises the risk when taken for more than 5 years.
•Control of body weight and avoid being overweight and obesity.
•Do exercises regularly, that is, ensure you are physically active to involve the body organs.
•Ensure you know about your family history as cancer is genetic. This help one go for screening regularly to help risk the chances of having the breast cancer.
•Everyone should know that as age progresses, after 50 years of age many women are at risk of being diagnosed with this cancer, so living a healthy life and screening regularly can help curb this monster.

All risks aim at altering the normal formation, structure and number of cells in the body part being affected. This is called hypertrophy and hyperplasia of cells leading to interruption of a process known as apoptosis of these normal cells.

#Educate to help stop this pandemic and save our mothers from mastectomy and unnecessary deaths.
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