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Vital Reasons Why You Should Take A Genetic Test Before Marriage.
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Vital Reasons Why You Should Take A Genetic Test Before Marriage.
Happy new year, and congratulations on choosing marriage as your resolution. Before, you may have selected your partner based on their personality and what they could offer. But guess what, not anymore?

Did you know apart from the HIV test, there are a couple of crucial tests you need to take that would save you a lot of frustration.? Guess what, you could avoid passing a deadly genetic disease by just doing a genetic test before marriage.?

Won’t it be awesome if you could protect your next generation from such an ordeal /mess?

Marriage is more than the “I love you and the butterflies you feel for each other, and definitely, you don’t want to sire sick babies and subject them to unimagined risk and stress.

This article will discuss the importance of genetic tests before marriage to help you make a better decision.

What are genetic diseases?

Genetic diseases are diseases caused by an abnormal gene or genes. These abnormal genes could be passed on through families for generations. Unfortunately, many people do not know they have a genetic disease or disorder until it is too late and their child has been affected by the disease.

Why Take A Genetic Test

A pre-marital genetic test determines whether a person has an abnormal gene (or genes) that may cause disease and tells if you are at risk of passing on these abnormal genes to your future babies.

Guess what? This kind of test will help you determine whether your lover is a good match for a potential spouse, and believe it or not, there are plenty of genetic diseases that you can avoid by taking such a test before marriage.

What causes genetic diseases?

The mutation of genes causes genetic diseases. Several such conditions can be detected before marriage using specific tests.

Some of these genetic disorders include:

· Cystic fibrosis

· Spinal muscular atrophy

· Sickle cell anemia

· Duchenne muscular dystrophy

· Thalassemia major

· Tay-Sachs disease

How can you prevent the spread of genetic diseases?

1. By taking a genetic test before marriage or having babies.

2. Educate those planning to get married on genetic diseases and how they are passed.

3. If you have a chance of passing a genetic disorder or disease, avoid a partner with a similar probability.

4. Choosing not to have babies.


A healthy generation is everyone’s dream. Healthy babies mean healthy parents, and it is high time society embraces and normalizes taking genes tests before marriage. Remember, something as small as that could save you some lifetime frustration and troubles. The test is beneficial to both the parents, the children, the society, and the next generation large.
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