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Understanding teenage pregnancies in our society
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Understanding teenage pregnancies in our society
Kenya has been ranked 3rd in the world when it comes to early pregnancy. 1 in every 5 young girls is pregnant or they've already had their 1st child.

On the other side, HIV is spreading like bushfire. Many kenyans won't understand this, only doctors and nurses especially those working in the comprehensive care centres will understand this. The number of people enrolling for ARVS is alarming.

When the fabric of the society is sexualized, the only outcome is a pervese generation. The air waves and memes are sexualized, the atmosphere is charged with lust not to mention the melody and sound that comes through music. To secure the destiny of our generation we must begin the conversation.

Sex was created by God not as tool of destruction but as a tool of procreation and intimacy in a segment called marriage . When the purpose of something is not known, abuse is inevitable.

This are just pregnancy cases, if the arborion statistics were to come out, we will be shocked. Not forgetting that scientifically, excessive consumption of P2 will eventually lead young girls to suffer from cancer and infertility. Almost everything that could be sexualized has been sexualized, producing a new generation of girls racing towards womanhood before even finishing puberty.

When media and content creators lack content strategy, sexualising their streams is the only trope they can use to attempt to cure viewers. We have very many opportunities to offer content on business , health, ICT etc. Media and entertainment is the most powerful tool for positive influence. You have a responsibility to either raise and stir or mislead a generation.
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