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Tips on How to Protect Your Energy
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Tips on How to Protect Your Energy
There is this famous saying that goes like "Time is money" and I concur, time is a valuable resource. There is more to it, energy, we need energy to make that time count. A person who want to dive 30 metres deep and come back alive will need energy to find their way back, that is physical energy bundled up with emotional and mental energy. It turns out, that energy will not be there unless it is harnessed and protected. Below are 5 tips on how to harness and protect your energy;

#1 Meditate, it boosts your mental energy and brings along clarity.
#2 Read/ interact with constructive content.
#3 Say no to irrelevant activities, anything that does not add value is most likely an energy black hole.
#4 Tune out of vibes and environments that shoot you down.
#5 Have a positive attitude, with a great attitude you are halfway through.

Bonus Tip: Eat, you need that balanced diet.

Got some more tips, write them down and share with a friend :)
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