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The True Picture Of Depression We Don't Want To See .
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The True Picture Of Depression We Don
What are some of the most prevalent depression signs that we typically overlook?

A messed up home environment.

If you want a glimpse into someone’s inner life, visit them and discover how they live.

Is their room or home in shambles?

Are there piles of clothes, papers, and empty bottles all over the place?

Do the wallpapers appear to be peeling?

Is their room or house filthy, and do they have trash bags in every corner?

If they say yes, it’s likely they’re depressed, which has to be addressed and should set off alarm bells.

Someone who is at least partially in charge of their life and feels good about themselves will maintain a neat, clean, and organized home environment.


This one is widespread, but it’s often neglected because most people assume it’s just laziness.

That may be true, but it’s also possible that it’s a symptom of something more serious.

So, if people put off tasks till the next day, never actually solve their problems, don’t take action, or wait until the last minute to do jobs or solve problems, it’s either depression or another condition that needs to be addressed and healed.

Constant fighting.

People who are hostile , aggressive, take things personally, and quarrel frequently (especially online) are more likely to have a mental disease or a less serious mental disorder that needs their loving attention.

This might also be a cry for help.

If you come across someone like this, encourage them to try mindfulness, meditation or counseling.

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