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The Phoenix
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The Phoenix
Why is it that bad luck and the bad things always follow and happen to good people? Is it that they are soo strong to overcome them or is it that they were born to undergo every hardship on earth? But I always appreciate the rule of nature as it is always there to intervene, it makes sure no sin goes unpunished.

Some memories try to bring the painful experience we had had in life and all it does is to hurt the soul, depress the mind and raise emotions for there is nothing painful than contemplating about the past and note the negatives you have been through.

But how can we overcome the past and concentrate on today so as to be able to plan our tomorrow whereas they say, "you cannot know where you are going unless you know where you are coming from". It is extremely hard, it is challenging to just let go and forget as there are so many signs around that keep on reminding you of the painful moments.

Sometimes I think of those children whose parents were killed in cold blood, what can make him/her forget the pain whereas there is a gap, pain and a big 'wound' in her heart that keep on being debrinded by these memories that will never fade. Maybe they can forgive but what about erasing those thoughts?

It all end up falling into a crisis and later into depression but this can change into good, better and maybe to the best if we can act as counsellors and advocates to these people. And most of all maintain the confidentiality of their information. After the sudden harm and the apparent destruction they can still be reborn and see things in another perspective of God's plan to succeed and not to 'perish'.
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