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The Impact of shame
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The Impact of shame
Impact of shame
Wikipedia identifies shame as an unpleasant self-conscious emotion typically associated with a negative evaluation of the self; withdrawal motivations. Shame is a major part of the existing society and is often used as a method of initiating change among people. Although shame is a method of impacting change it is a negative way of impacting change.
The use of shame has being used by parents as a way of displining a child but in the process of correcting a person we negatively impact the individual. In the recent past social media has being a buzz due to this same issue. A media personality was body shamed online due to her weight and body change. This was used due to her change in appearance and many tried to use the shaming as a way to caution her. It was considered produdent by some but no matter what body shaming is wrong. Her change in appearance is personal issue that was turned negative irrespective of what she may have being through. At that moment those shaming forgot that as an individual she has identified with all those issues. She has had to face herself accept herself only to be lashed out on.
What impact do we cause when we shame.
Majority of times people think that it can be helpful but it is important to not the negativity that is identified with the shaming often causes untold harm. We end up creating a vulnerable side and self-conscious fear of what others may think about as. At that moment we shame a person may question their own worth.
For instance when a child is shamed for crying and pushed away due to this they may feel abandoned and wrong for showing their feelings. This slowly can be identified as it is wrong to cry. It is important to allow all people to have a right to carry their emotions individually rather than identify their emotions to others feeling towards them.
So today I caution all of as, may we be more self aware and ensure that we choose to build rather than destroy. When a mistake is made identify the mistake alone not the one who made the mistake. Take time to be available and supportive to all those you carry with you.
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