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The fireflies of 2021
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The fireflies of 2021
The year 2021 has been the awaited year expected to wash away all the pains of 2020. Unfortunately, young learners have turned to firebugs burn down dorms and school all for the sake of who knows what.
The majority of us will identify the behavior as learners searching for attention. But rather do we play an important role. Well in 1995-2000 I was a student in a primary school located in the ultimate center of Nairobi city. The original unruly generation of university fought with stones while police with tear gas. This experience makes me remember that the sin of the father is paid for by the son. Well, the university students who were unruly 20years ago are currently parents of the new generation of the firebugs. How well did this parent register their actions back then? Were they not grown up. Did they receive corporal punishment? Well, only a few can answer the above question.
Looking at the new generation of fireflies we need to accept that one academic year was lost during the season of the pandemic. Many of these learners became breadwinners, parents, drug takers, and most of all risk-takers. The environment that existed within the year was less conducive than that of a school environment.
Don't get me wrong the learners are over their head with unruliness but can we also consider one thing. We are all destined to great things, but we all choose which great things we shall do. As parents, we have all realized how important teachers are in the upbringing and influence of the learners but have the teachers forgotten their role.
As a teacher should I expect the worst of my learner or should I influence them?
education is the ability to learn things from what is known towards the unknown. Do these learners know what effect they are causing? the answer is yes but how well can we associate their ability to know and their choices to do.
We mostly survive on the unknown and hope for a better future with knowledgeable and open-minded learners. Can we choose to educate the learners rather than impact?
Remember a city in turmoil burns in the light. Let us save the flames of the future by trusting their ability to unlearn the wrong and relearn the right.
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