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The Distance Between
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The Distance Between
When you are the featherweight human on the seesaw, the other human seems too much to take up on the first to third swing, then all over sudden a rhythm kicks in and everything turns fun. Do not try this on a cat and mouse situation, the theory will not work, there has to be some sort of acceptable balance of distance, attitude and weight.

In the Constellation Centaurus, scientists discovered an exoplanet and named it Proxima Centauri B, she is a gorgeous beast and is believed to be a possible human habitable, the problem is the distance between her and her sun, the Proxima Centauri, they are too close to each other, making her exposed to extreme ultraviolet radiation. If a human was to land there, the skin will burn in a matter of minutes.

Proxima Centauri B is said to take about 1968 hours to complete a rotation/day on its axis (imagine a day lasting 984 hours) while it takes only 192 hours to complete a revolution/year (days longer than years and seasons "DJ-ed" like in music), such a twisted "place/attitude" would send a human brain into a maze and or force them to evolve into something new.

Who would have thought distance and attitude would put seesaw and Proxima Centauri on the same page, :).

Credit: "The 10 most Earth-like exoplanets" by Ailsa Harvey and Elizabeth Howell on space.com
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