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Tag, your it
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Tag, your it
Tag, your it!
The question of color, tribe, and sex is commonly asked in this generation. More so by children compared to an earlier day. Our children are often trained on discrimination rather than born with it. Looking at our childhood friends we were more open to having different types of friends. But as we grew older we began pointing out who we are and what we associate with. Children do not identify tribes, wealth, sex, or race they are pure at heart. But we grow up we become influenced by our parent's presence and opinion.
Unfortunately, the influence we carry on our children can create leaders or discriminators. The last few days there have been discussions about Race and discrimination. As a Kenyan mother and young adult, I have faced moments where my gender and tribal affiliation have been my identity rather than myself. How often have we asked an acquaintance their tribal affiliation? Have you assumed someone's ability due to their gender? As a woman, I can inquire about the quality of building materials and building procedures but more often than not I am often questioned (Mwanamke hafai kukua kwa mjengo). Does my gender determine my ability?
Yes, discrimination has always been an issue in our society but should we accept the tags and walk around feeling tagged. I am a woman, a mother, a daughter, a wife, an employer, a tribesman, an African but most of all am a human being. Yes if I fit into all roles I am a freak but the fact is I am an African woman. So for today, I say, Tag Your It
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