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Stress management
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Stress management
Have you woken up in the morning and told yourself 'This is my day'. Walked to the mirror and said 'Morning beautiful, let's conquer this giant. That is a stress management strategy. By waking up with an optimistic thought process we can manage negative thoughts.
By managing the smallest of tasks we become more aware of the positive things in our lives. Stress is only managed by our ability to accept that not all things will go our way. By recognizing that we are architects of our lives we build better tolerance and joyful situations. This is not to say that all days will be great.
Stress is a necessary evil, without man may be unable to recognize the need to push themselves. Waking up late and being reprimanded for lateness makes an individual feels stressed this making them more aware of the need to wake up earlier. The only problem is when stress overtakes our lives and hinders our ability to function. Therefore it is necessary to manage one's life a day at a time. Making a system that manages the day-to-day needs within a system that allows you and me to breathe in and out freely. The need to feel pressure can be a deterrent to proper planning that's creating a stressful environment.
Stress management is a self-altered system of time and self-management. Very often associated with an individual realizing their need to breathe in and try to organize their day systematically. By this, we manage our expectations as well as those of the ones around us building a system of self-worth.
Remember manage the small things and the big ones align themselves.
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