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Stop being choosy
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Stop being choosy
There are three things one needs to note down. Greedy, pleasure and influence. God had you on his plans before you were born. So don't worry.

Ladies, unless you use your brain, people will take advantage to board your train. There is nothing like dreams to come into avail.

Ladies, what's the difference between getting married as a second wife and dating a married man for financial stabilities. You do all this forgetting that you need to be serious with your life and start your own family. You have made alcohol your hobby, drinking with married men in a lobby. You have raised your standards with class, imitating all sorts of lifestyles and classy.

Ladies, opportunity comes once. The moment you drop it will never bounce. No men will have interest in you in your 40's. The value of the gold will be almost lost. Every man have already learnt your interest with their money.

Avoid unnecessary group of lazy ladies. Withdraw yourself from trend of alcoholism. Stop being choosy on who you desire to marry. Utilize the opportunity you get while sun shines.

When you get married, stop the instinct that your man is dating again. You will not be a girl anymore as days are gone. Stick to your lane to build a family with an aim.
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