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Slender guy problems
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Slender guy problems
Someone once said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, that someone was Einstein, perhaps some things just do not want to be changed, like my weight. The last time my weight was nearly right, I was a teenager and in high school, I was probably 60 kg or so. Today, an adult a few inches to 6, I range between 50 and 55 kg depending on the clothes or the stuff in my pockets meaning a strong wind and a stiff umbrella can get me on a flight but that does not make it to the top 5 list of slender guy problems.

#1 Finding clothes.
You have to go in and out of over 10 stores to find just the right size pants and sometimes even those will need a belt or a suspender.

#2 Girlfriend situations.
At some point, you will meet a girl who will love you, the thing is, now and then you will have to put a cushion on your shoulder so she can lay on it.

#3 Other guys.
"Where do the food you eat go bro?, Do you ever think of getting laid?" are kind of rhetorical questions you will face now and then.

#4 Aunt problems.
This is the worst, your Aunt will try find you a wife every chance she gets.

#5 Chairs situation.
You sit for 10 minutes and the back cannot hold beyond, the twists and breaks needed in a day are not necessary, they are mandatory.

Maybe diet change or a nutritionist will fix us, until then, the fun goes on.
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