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Raising damaged children
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Raising damaged children
Damaged children result to unhealthy adults. These are some of the ways you can tell you're raising damaged children.
When you only criticize your children for doing wrong and never appreciate what they do right. Children will grow feeling that they're not good enough. They end up suffering esteem issues.

When you use the rod to discipline a child while angry. If you have to use the rod to discipline children , calm down, deal with your anger. You will use the rod for discipline and not to meet your own needs of anger. (Hit a child while angry and you teach them thats the way to deal with issues. That's why most of them become physically abusive when they become adults).

Parents deny their children a chance to express their emotions. Some parents even beat their children asking them to be quiet when they try to say something. Where do those children take their emotions? Some parents will not even allow children to play in the house so that the house will always be neat. Children who are allowed to express themselves do not internalize pain and negative emotions and are more productive than those who don't express their emotions.

Children who are expected by their parents to behave like adults. When a parent expects a child to make adult decisions or babysit their younger ones, fail to enjoy their childhood.

Children who grow up in violent home and constantly feel the need to protect the abused parent, grow up damaged. Children cannot handle adult life, let them be children. Those children that are exposed to such parenting end up being dysfunctional individuals who raise other damaged children. This becomes a generational thing such that the destructive methods are perceived to be the working methods
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