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New year's message on a healthy lifestyle
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New year
You all out there be asking what people have for you for the new year. That is not necessary as many will give you all the things in the world but only a few will advice you on your health, how to take care until we meet again in January next year. Let us be educated a bit and get this right.
Here are some tips on how to stay healthy both psychologically and physically.

# Every morning before moving out of the bed normalize saying a word of prayer to God and he will always have your plans established..

# Wake up in the morning, wear light clothes, run for about two kilometers to and fro. Then have a warm shower.

# Make peace with your family, take breakfast together, laugh together, kiss your wife goodbye every morning and evening after work. Always enquire from every member about their day.

# Rule out those friends who never contribute to your growth and face them off. Let your circle be full of people who like seeing you happy, advice you correctly and always discourage the wrongs in you.

# For the alcoholics, I have this word for you, instead of asking for hot water in the clubs to take the spirits, why don't you go home, ask for hot water and take like 6 glasses everyday. That will help your body even more.

# At work make peace with everyone, do the work you are entitled with and submit all the assignments on time. All this is not to show how weak you are or how much you fear being fired, it only explains how wise you are and how much you love the work you do.

# Do exercises everyday.

# Avoid junk foods, take arrow roots, cassava, sweet potatoes, some slices of brown bread in the morning with fresh milk. Have a nice lunch preferably cooked at home or at the trusted cafe. Finally enjoy the supper at home with your family sharing about the day at work, school for the schoolers and much more.

# Thank God as a family for a well day spent and being at peace together again.

# Take a shower and go to bed, for the married make love or else be romantic to your wife or husband, then take rest.

# Take a lot of fruits.

# Avoid taking drugs, that is alcohol, cigarette smoking and much more.

# Keep in touch with the large family members and always be a part of any but not every function not to make yourself so available as they may lose your importance.

# Go for regular check ups at the hospital and ensure you take medication as prescribed incase of any infirmity.

# Take food and medications(that is healthy food) not to take medications as food later in life.

# Finally, ensure you enjoy life as long as you do it responsibly.
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