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My little trip
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My little trip
Vacations are a major challenge to many. It's often associated with wealth. But think about it we all need one moment when we feel that we can look at a new amazing site. So my dream trip out is a nice drive down to the coast. No not for the ocean but the sites and nature you view down the road. One major thing that we have in Kenya is the diverse terrain. The cultural difference and history. Yes, one moment you see soil n empty land, the next you see dried grass, then hills but most of all you find small lovely towns that existed through history.
The amazing part of all the travel is the ability to leave what we're aware of and find new things. By the time we arrive on the coast, I have seen a great deal of history, nature, and culture all on one path along the Mombasa Road. Imagine what it would be like to go through the SGR a ride along the train tracks that lead you into the constant interior of Kenya. You face nature and terrains that are beautiful and unique. Yes, a vacation may be costly but once in a while, a trip out of town may just be what your looking for.
For your next trip down new site consider Magical exploits safari, your travel destination. Don't forget every single site is a vacation spot cherish. Vacation through and enjoy your travels.
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