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Life is more fun when you don't take it so seriously
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Life is more fun when you don
Life is not meant to be so serious. Make time for fun, joy and play. In everything you do, always take it as fun. Don't trust anyone who tells you life has to be serious always.

When one is young, life is nothing but fun. People easily forget that life don't last forever. This is why it is important to remind yourself to always have fun because all human beings will die when their time comes. When we put that in our minds, we can therefore start taking things and life less serious.

Most people are struggling so hard to get a job. To get extra money so they can impress others. Those being impressed, don't care about them but they do the same thing. They always search for that one achievement. That amount of money that will make everything better and sweet.

Always take life as a simple thing don't take it as a struggle or a strain. Challenge yourself to see how much joy you can squeeze out of everyday.

Money can't but joy, peace and even how you take life
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