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Keep pushing forward
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Keep pushing forward
In this life, there are many things that we can't control. Sometimes all you can control is your effort and your attitude.

Rise above the pain . you are bigger than your circumstances. Your life is not defined by your relationship status, your bank account or whatever work you do. Don't listen to any person or automatic negative thoughts that may have conditioned you to think of yourself or your life as a failure.

Don't ever choose a permanent solution for a temporary problem. You have people who need you and who are counting on you. There is always another day and another way.

Rise above the pain and know
that deep inside you, there is another person waiting to break through. You have the ability to rebuild and recover what was lost. Know that you can live a meaningful and purposeful life.

When you find yourself in a certain situation and you feel or think it was not good for you, say to yourself, "Never again will I find myself in this situation, never again will I give up on my dream because of what someone else has said or because I have been rejected or experienced failure or a setback".

You should never go back to a lie, a relationship or a situation that didn't represent the best in you. You are better than all those situations. Don't let a temporary situation cause you to make a permanent discussion about your possibilities and your future. Keep pushing forward despite the odds or how you feel at the moment. Give out but don't give up!. Dare to be GREAT!! You have GREATNESS within you.
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