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Induced and spontaneous abortions
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Induced and spontaneous abortions
According to the traditions, children were brought up knowing abortion as an abomination in the community, a disgrace to the family and a curse in regard to their spiritual beliefs.
Unfortunately nowadays it is considered and the best preferred way of escaping parental roles and a solution to the results and outcomes of premarital sex.

According to the statistics, it is said that about 95% of unsafe abortions occur in women of low resource settings.

Adolescents(women aged 15-19) are estimated to have 2.5 million of the approximated 19 million unsafe abortions that occur annually in the developing world.
The majority of spontaneous abortions occur early in pregnancy with approximately 80% occurring in first trimester.

WHO defines unsafe abortion as a procedure meant to terminate an unintended pregnacy, performed by individuals without the skills or in an environment that does not conform to the minimum medical standards or both.

?Sex activity at a young age.
?Lack of knowledge about family planning.
?Unwillingness to using family planning methods due to cultural, economic, social, emotional or spiritual purposes.
?Lack of awareness of where to obtain these family planning services.
?Inability to use the contraceptives efficiently.
?Contraceptive failure.
?Lack of awareness about the harmful side effects of unsafe abortion.
?Low economic status
?Previous history of unwanted pregnancy.

In every health facility, in maternity wards the leading cases reported everyday are those of induced or spontaneous abortions which are a great threat to the lives of young women. This is because they try this with no skills of doing it back in the village just because they got "unwanted pregnancies"

As a result we end up losing many lives due to uncontrolled haemorrhage as in almost every case products of conception are not fully expelled leading to poor or no involution of the uterus thus resulting to hypovolemic shock.

As I conclude, I would like to address the learned ones, let's try to create awareness back in the rural areas about the dangers of abortion, risk and the complications associated with it.
And with this we will help safeguard the health of today and bring up responsible mothers of tomorrow.

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