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History And Evolution Of Alcohol Consumption In The African Community today
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History And Evolution Of Alcohol Consumption In The African Community today
Once upon a time, drinking alcohol among the youth was a punishable offense, according to the Mijikenda tradition.

The Mijikenda community has a traditional liquor called “Tembo ya mnazi aka Uchi.” 

Back then, only the older men could enjoy this drink, the youth and women were prohibited, and the act was considered a punishable offense.

The only time women could sip the drink was when their girl was getting married, and they were not allowed more than a sip, and while consuming, they were to kneel and use her husband to block herself from other men’s view.

Fast forward, it’s the 21st century, and everything is pacing so fast. And guess what? The revered taboo is now our favorite cup of tea.

Alcoholism has become so common that many people no longer consider it unacceptable.

It is funny how young girls and men are now consuming alcohol in excess and are found loitering all over town, carrying their traditional beer cans.

In the current time and age, it’s no longer a surprise to see young men and women drunk, sleeping in the trenches, and if you haven’t, get ready to encounter them at every street corner soon enough.

According to the village elders I interviewed, the younger generation lacks respect for beer. In the past, it was shameful to stand and drink alcohol. However, these days young people even use their left hands to hold drinks.

When I asked why they are not sensitizing the young generation on the past laws, they could not hide their pain, claiming westernization has eroded their morals, and to top it up, the young ones are loaded. They instead invite the elders for a drink in the local dens or bar and even buy them a drink. That makes it hard to correct them because they are now powerless.

Thinking on the effect of alcohol on the bodies, the young and women are at more risk, and our grandfathers were protective of their own, that’s why they formed a rule that would protect them.

Nowadays, Kenya is gripped by an alcohol epidemic, and the effects of alcoholism are significant and clear in different ways.

The effects of alcohol on your body change as you get older. While some changes are noticeable (for example, nasty hangovers after a single drink the night before) others are more subtle.

Heavy drinking can harm the liver and heart, harm an unborn child, increase the chance of breast and other cancers, lead to depression and violence, and cause interpersonal problems.

Binge drinking can change a teen’s brain structure and personality, and alcohol misuse can leave the brain unable to heal damage weeks after quitting.

According to recent research, every gram of alcohol drank every day causes the brain to age by 11 days. 
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