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Health Is Everything.
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Health Is Everything.

The other day, I got a golden chance to reconnect with an old friend after more than a decade.

Everything went smoothly. We had lots of stories with lots of hearty laughter and our brief reunion was going fine until he broke the news that he was fighting a chronic heart disease.

Everything froze. As much as he could not tell, I was shivering. Underneath, I was dying of pain, shock, fear and confusion, and I was trying so hard to hide it.

Deep down, I had a million and one thoughts rushing through my head. Trying to imagine what would happen in case he had an episode right there and then.

The last time I met him, of course, he was 10 years younger and probably in his early 30s. He looked fine to me in all aspects of fitness. So what exactly happened in those ten years? Did he have the tell signs?

Then it hit me that as human we have no power over ourselves and just like a coin, how you decide to take care of your health is absolutely up to you.

It’s absolutely true that health is one thing we cannot afford to gamble with and once it dwindles, everything loses meaning and, most times, the sick becomes evasive and quick to anger.

Our body is built in away when sickness invades, it’s hard to notice and by the time you do, you are almost doomed.

According to the health expert, millions of people cannot go for the regular health check-ups as recommended, citing to poverty, lack of info and ignorance.

However, the experts insist on the importance of disclosure, claiming that hoarding of one’s sickness info can cause tension between the object and the people around, hence creating a good ground for depression to both parties.

I had to dig more on heart conditions and how to prevent one.

Heart disease can be either genetic or caused by other external factors like smocking, poor eating habits and excessive alcohol drinking.

Types of Heart Disease.

There are 4 types of heart diseases.

Coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, heart valve disease and heart failure are the four most common types of heart disease.

How to Avoid Heart Disease.

You can help avoid heart disease by including four crucial steps into your daily routine:

Don’t smoke

Keep a healthy weight.

Be active and exercise.

Maintain a balanced diet.

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