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Friend or foe
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Friend or foe
The current generation is a generation that exists within the belief that relationships are mainly beneficial. Many play the role of friendship with the expectation that the other will provide material benefit. Sorry to say the benefits are not always spoken but acted.
The only that appears is when did relationships become monetized. Does the support one receives have to be published and rate. Have arrived at the friend or for generation of things. Recently we have had headlines that have exposed the social lives of public figures and had their laundry trusted in public. From the arguments established one main question is asked is social media a friend or for.
Society today has become a cut-throat society that can only recognize friendship as a chance to network. What has happened to the lessons we learned that every acquaintance we met as children was an aunt or uncle. When our parents knew we were safe as long as any other parent was available. Now we only associate with those who can promote my brand. Have we improved our life by finding digital friends or have we reduced ourselves the foes of development?
Well, this is food for thought. Can I defend technology and identify it as a friend or for. At this point, I highly doubt I can choose one. Can you?
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