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Few steps from hope, peaceful kenya, say no to violence
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Few steps from hope, peaceful kenya, say no to violence
For what does it benefit a man to own the whole universe and lose his life? For sure there are no benefits.

It has been 5 years since the last general election and peace has been prevailing, even if financially we have been down both as a country and at a personal level, all of us we can hold hands and say we have been having a good leadership.

Not that am a politician or am in for politics, just that I hope for the best, I look forward for better moments with my family, neighbours no matter which tribe they belong and the whole country at large. I wish every Kenyan to wake up to his or her place of hustle the following day after elections, full of peace and happines. For contentment is one secret to happiness.

What if we can hold a peaceful election, the loser together with his community and supporters take it as a challenge, improve their ways, words, manifestos and ensure their "swords" are well sharpened for future. The winner on the other hand, take the chance to promote love, proclaim five years of peace, improve the standards of living, ensure fair distribution of resources, create job opportunities and maybe have the 'bottom up' approach to improve the livelihood of even the less fortunate.

Finally we should treat one another as brothers and sisters, grow together and say no to post election violence.

#peaceful kenya
Say no to violence.
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