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Fear verse impact
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Fear verse impact
Life is made up of choices and often we have to choose what best suits as. Rather than what is expected. Each and every day have the choice to take a risk or make an impact. This is a challenge faced as well by parents. The current generation of parents were amongst those who had different systems of parenting. The 80's we're raised in fear mode. We knew the consequences rather than the adventure. If you tested the waters we knew we had to answer to our parents the hard way. But looking into the Millennials their was shift in systems. The strict nature resolved into a discussion. Parent became more willing to discuss issues.
The difference between parenting roles became new but not as a result of discipline but as a result of how the children associated with parents. Although their is a school of thought that the 80 raised better children it is not necessarily true. The difference between this two generations is that parenting lead to fear rather than impact. One major default was children could never approach a parent and tell them when they felt overwhelmed or even unable to do something. This lead to loss of confidence. On the other hand parents of the millennials seemed to raise a different kind of generation. This children were more willing to ask and talk to their parents. Making it easier to navigate life with support.
Although neither parenting groups were bad the only difference was one group of parents instilled fear into their childrens life's while the second impacted trust.
To be able to show a child that they may come to you and work with you may not often be easy but it impacts on a child's ability to trust. Fear on the other hand creates a disciplined child but by association not by choice.
Today as you communicate to that little angel, please remember discipline is a necessity but let them know that no matter what they are loved and can come to you with any challenge they face.
" He that spareth his rod hateth his son; but he that loveth him chasteneth him becomes (proverbs 13:24).
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