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Family and friendship are not judgement houses but conducive spaces for thriving
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Family and friendship are not judgement houses but conducive spaces for thriving
Today I was reminiscing, remembering five years ago. I was excited, full of life and so ignorant. Living in my own little bubble. I was full of judgement for people who had made foolish mistakes wondering why they would make such silly decisions.

I have come to the realization, that sometimes people make mistakes in life, but all they need is a second, third perhaps a fourth chance.I have learnt to give Grace.Sometimes people make mistakes because of their circumstances , sometimes because they want to experiment, sometimes it just happens.All they need is a helping hand, not a lot of finger pointing and Judgement at that time.It doesn't help.Its ok to hold people accountable for their mistakes, but also give Grace and help them recover and correct the errors they have made.You wonder why suicide rates are going up in this trying times with the COVID pandemic taking toll on so many.Why would someone sit down and want to end their life.

It is because they feel hopeless, they feel alone, have no one they can turn to. Sometimes you may have lots of people around you, but yet feel so alone.Thats how I feel today, surrounded by multitudes of people yet so alone. No one understands me, feels like am carrying a heavy burden with no one to turn to for help.The people I thought i could turn to for help, are busy pointing fingers at my mistakes making me feel extra horrible about my self.Depression is real.When you realize the family you thought you had, are the ones busy pointing fingers at your mistakes every single time.Even when you tell them you have heard their concerns, they still insist, not knowing some of the challenges you are facing.When someone you know very well, tells you they are working on something, stop insisting, you end up becoming a source of stress to that person instead of becoming a source of strength and support to them. I know at some point we have all committed big mistakes, but that's not the reason why you should be made to feel like the worst person in the whole wide world all the time. Lets learn to give Grace, let's not always be a source of sadness , depression to others.Lets learn to be a helping hand, even to those we feel have made mistakes we don't agree with as long as they are putting in efforts to become better people, we should learn to give grace.

Even the prodigal son was welcomed back home and he had made bigger mistakes than most of us.
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