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Emotional Intelligence
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Emotional Intelligence
What is Emotional Intelligence?

It is the ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and others. It is divide into categories which are;


Are you aware of your emotions and how to deal with them? Are you able to tell when you are furious or happy when you are annoyed or frustrated? Being self aware in relation to EQ is all about being aware of your emotions.
To be able to effectively read your or other people’s emotions and respond appropriately, you need to be able to start with yourself because you can not help other people when you have not helped yourself..

#Self regulation

Can you confidently say that you have control over your emotions? Do you easily get angry and no one can calm you down once this happens? Or do you find yourself breaking down when you are overwhelmed and it makes you quit on things to avoid that feeling. What about avoiding conflict or even a certain person and you act like everything is okay. Burying your unresolved issues isn’t healthy.


This is one thing that we constantly forget about, Being able to recognize someone else’s emotions, and to understand their perspective on a situation. Or as they normally say, “Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes”. It makes it possible and easier for you to to live in peace with yourself as well as others.
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