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Do technologies create as many new jobs as they take away?
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Do technologies create as many new jobs as they take away?
Technology is basically the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, this could be in industries, agriculture and logistics among others.

Knowing that, there're two sets of mindsets, the ones that quit on the face of a crisis and the ones that identify an opportunity to innovate or apply some sort of technology to make things better.

Let's start from about 100 centuries ago. The gatherers and hunters might have felt their jobs were being taken away when the dawn of agriculture hit home but some of them found an opportunity to thrive in trading and farming.

Fast forward to a few decades ago, the messengers were faced with the same dilemma, to sit down and complain or take up the challenge to be social media influencers, event organizers and or paid group admins. All they needed was to learn how to rock their talent differently.

And now, delivery business seems to be on the verge of changing and some will complain while others will take up packaging, programming, UI/X Design, quality assurance, performance testing, drone operations and servicing services.

It looks pretty clear, technology will take away a skill and while at it create more or equal opportunities for interested individuals to take up and excel in.

What changes are you anticipating around the corner of the decade, will you be ready for those opportunities that come with it?

Read some more on: https://venipak.lt/en/blog/2021-05-26/future-of-parcel-delivery-5-technology-trends-to-look-out-for/
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